Monday, 4 January 2010

A tale of going home through the snow for Christmas - And thank you the staff and crew of The Pride Of Burgundy

The port of Calais in the snow

Well The trip back to the UK was taken on the 19th of December which was a day with many snow related travel problems, as you can see HERE and HERE. What should have been a less than two hour trip to Calais turned into an about eight hour nightmare, although we were not so bad off as the people on the other side of the Channel, trying to get to France, some of whom had to spend more than 24 hours stuck on the UK motorway, the M20. It was too dark to get video on the motorway, during our five hour sit in a tailback but I got some footage of the port of Calais and the ferry trip across the Channel, shown in the following clip.

Ferry's in the snow, December 2009

All the hassle was worth it in the end, as Christmas was spent seeing family that I had not seen for 12 months, including.........

This little Guy

My bright and shiny, new Great Nephew (as in the son of my nephew)

Thank you to the staff and crew of the P&O ferry
The Pride Of Burgundy
in the early afternoon of the 19th 0f December 2009

On a day when so many organizations and companies were letting people down a lot of tired, cold and disgruntled passengers got on board this boat at this time and where treated with calm, friendly professionalism, from a staff of whom many had stayed on for an extra shift after completing their night shift (according to an announcement on the ships PA system) to help clear the backlog of travelers. The journey on the ferry was a calming experience on a very bad day thanks to the guys and gals working on board. It was very much appreciated.

And no I do not make money from P&O on this blog, I just appreciate people who do a good job of work in difficult circumstances.


Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Best wishes for 2010

And that photograph is of the whiter than normal cliffs of Dover, that I took from the ferry, on the rather eventful trip back to the UK for the Christmas festivities but more about that in the next post. Until then I hope that you all enjoyed or are enjoying your New Year festivities and have the best of luck for 2010.