Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Gallo-Roman event Wervik, Romans and Gauls, October 2009, a photo post

As promised, some photos of the Gallo-Roman event that I attended in Wervik. These photos are of both the Gauls and the Romans.

A Roman soldier on the march

This Gaul wood turner was very good
I watched him working for ages

Flying the flag for the legion

Home life of Gaul women

It was amazing how advanced some of the Roman technology was

Some Gaul warriors having a barny

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bikerted said...

Roman with a camera beats me. I only managed to get Robin Hood with a mobile. He was not chuffed at all :o)

BBE said...

I nearly missed your comment Ted. The chariots that they left in at the end of the day did not look like the ones in the old movies either.

I would have liked to have seen Robin Hood with a mobile :)