Thursday, 3 June 2010

De Panne Beach 70 years after Operation Dynamo, May 2010

Operation Dynamo AKA The Dunkirk evacuation took place 70 years ago this May. I'm not one for going to too many ceremonies and so I decided to mark the occasion in my own little way, with a walk along one of the beaches that the evacuation took place on. The operation took place on beaches stretching from Dunkirk in France to the Belgian beach at De Panne. I decided to make my little remembrance on the De Panne beach, where I walked from De Panne town beach to just over the French border and back. The weather was not clement and the walk made me wonder what it must have been like there back in the desperate days of 1940 but the numbers of people enjoying the beach, even on a day like that, did make me think that the peace, that the sacrifices of the Second World War gave to Western Europe, is something that we should thank the men and women of that time for.

De Panne Beach 70 years on



bikerted said...

We had an overnight stay in Dunkirk a couple of years ago. The aftermath of WWII is still visable in the city centre and will be for many years to come.

Walking along the promenade Ian said he could sense the soldiers on the beach. Eerie.

A belated welcome back from your blogging break BBE

BBE said...

Thanks Ted it is nice to be back. There is still a lot of old debris that turns up from time to time on the beaches and some of the Atlantic wall from 1944 is still there. So many years on, it's strange.