Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Panasonic FZ38/35, playing with my new toy

Finally I have a new camera. It is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38 (FZ35 in the USA). It is a bridge camera with an 18 X zoom that starts at the equivalent of 27mm, for a 35mm film camera. It has a 12.1 mega pixel capability and can produce video at 720dpi. The leica optics are very impressive. I would have liked a Digital SLR but to put a decent kit together, based on one of these, was just too far out of my budget. I am more than happy with this camera though, it is so nice to have control over aperture and shutter speed again. I am still getting used to it at the moment but I have got some stills to show off.

Apart from a tiny bit of cropping, this picture comes unaltered directly from the camera

A sort of still life scene at about mid range of the zoom

The contrast and colours where deliberately mucked about with, on the computer, for this image, to find out how far I could push an image from this camera

A full wide angle landscape

This was taken at full zoom (about the equivalent of 360mm on a 35mm film camera) and then heavily cropped on the computer. I would estimate that you are only seeing about 6.5-7 mega pixels here

Full zoom with a tiny bit of cropping on the computer

I am hoping to master the video function on this camera, to post an example of what it can do with the moving image soon.



Anonymous said...
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bikerted said...

Looks like you are having better luck with your new Panasonic than myself BBE. We have just bought a SDR-S50 video recorder. I would have had some good film clips of the Nottingham Riverside Festival, if only I had pressed the correct button. Doh!

Guzzisue was impressed with your film clip and you have given her food for thought for her next purchase.

BBE said...

Hope that you work out the new camcorder soon B'ted, that 70x zoom should get you close in to a lot of good stuff.

Guzzisue might want to take a look at the Panasonic dmc-TZ8. It has a bit shorter zoom than the FZ38 (12x) but it has all the other features in a compact "drop in your pocket" sized design. Space is always at a premium on a bike.


Guzzisue said...

HI, just checked out the reviews and am very tempted, my fuji F11 is begining to get a bit tired and as much as I love my canon its a bit too big for bike work, thanks for the suggestion.

BBE said...

Glad that you found it useful Guzziesue. I have seen some pictures from a 14 megapixel Nikon that are not as sharp and bright as the Panasonic at 12 mega pixels. I think that the Leica optics make a big difference.