Monday, 2 November 2009

Devils at the Heksestoet and a little word about winter posting

Winter posting

I want this blog to be mostly about happenings, events and things to see in and around Flanders and Belgium other than chocolates, beer and statues of little boys peeing (although these will make the odd appearance). But as the weather gets cooler and the days grow shorter, there is less going on and sometimes I like to snuggle up in the warm at the weekends, after spending the week outside (I am a hands in the dirt horticulturalist) and so I will have less fresh material to post here over the winter, although there will be some current posting. So rather than reducing the regularity of posting, I have some material from the summer that I have saved for winter and I have one or two ideas for posts, in the quieter weeks.

Devils from the Heksenstoet

I was going to post this clip as a special for Halloween but it clashed with World Blog Surf Day, so I am posting it now. It is of the Heksenstoet in Beselare and features the devils that took part in this parade.


bikerted said...

I am busy at the moment trying to edit some of the film I have shot this year. This will keep my blog slowly ticking over during the winter months.

Could you post the date of next year's festival sometime BBE, just in case I may be able to get across the Channel.


BBE said...

I'm afraid that the Heksensoet is only held once every 2 years B'ted. It is usually held on the last weekend in July and the next one should be in 2011.

I only covered the parade though, the event goes on into the night, with live music and the traditional burning of the witches (bonfire) at the end of the festivities.


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