Monday, 13 July 2009

Cycle beer racing, July 2009

The Flemish are famous for some of their unusual sporting pastimes, competition smoking, wooden cheese rolling, things like that. This one is a very sensible sport though, it should be part of the 2012 Olympics. Basically a beer balancing device, with a 25cl (about a half pint) glass of beer is connected to a stationary bicycle and well, watch the clip to find out :)

Cycle beer racing



Jientje said...

Oh dear! I'm not sure I'm proud to be Belgian?!!

BBE said...

You should be, I love this country, that's why I chose to make my home here :)

The invention of this pastime is a very clever way of getting those who sit around drinking Jupiler all day to exercise. :)


A Lady's Life said...

This looks like fun lol

BBE said...

Everyone was enjoying it Lady L, it is one of the most fun spectator sports that I have ever seen.