Monday, 27 July 2009

Harry Patch Joins The Other UK Trench Fighters

All together now

Harry Patch was not the last surviving Great War (World War 1) veteran from the UK, that is a sailor Claude Choules but he was the last who saw active service in the Trenches, as part of a machine gun team. He was wounded at the Third Battle of Ieper (Battle of Passchendaele). Sadly Mr Patch passed away on Saturday 26th of July (links at the end of the post), an event that marks the passing of a generation that suffered so much to help secure our futures. Please take a moment from your day to remember not only Harry Patch but all of his comrades, who are all now at peace.

BBC NEWS | UK | Obituary: Harry Patch
BBC - Somerset - History - Harry Patch in profile
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YouTube - Harry Patch, 109, at Passchendaele


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