Saturday, 11 July 2009

Harlebeke to Kortrijk on the train - Some blogs for the blog roll - Starting an informative sites list - Happy Flanders day

Happy Flanders day

Today is Flanders day here in Belgium. It is a celebration of a victory of Flemish forces over French forces back in the middle ages. If you wish to know more follow this link Battle of the Golden Spurs.

Information sites

There is a new list in the side bar, to your left, It is of information websites and is titled "Info Websites". It will mostly contain sites about Flanders and history websites. Here is a website to kick it off.

Flanders Today - This is a weekly, English language, internet magazine about what is going on in Flanders.

New blogs for the blog roll

Emm in London - A blog from another ex pat, a South African Lady living in London England.

Michael John Grist - Another ex pat blog, this time from an Englishman living in Japan. When you go to this blog you do not see the whole post, you have to click on the post title to see all of the post that you want to see.

Harlebeke to Kortrijk

Take away the stress of the day and finding out which platform that you should be on and all the other hassles of a train journey, then looking out of a train window can be very soothing. I have made a few "Between Stations" clips and will be posting them from time to time, they are a great way to see the good and bad bits of the landscape and get a bit of stress relief. Enjoy the ride.


Baron's Life said...

Absolutely love it 100%
Thanks for visiting my blog... I just bacame one of your followers.
Baron's Life

BBE said...

Hi Baron glad you enjoyed it. Love your blog, especially the humor.


Emm said...

Thanks for the shout out!

BBE said...

No problems Emm.