Monday, 7 September 2009

The Leie events, two clips. Play laugh and be merry, for on Tuesday it's school. August 2009


There will be three posts on the Leie events, this one, a photo post later in the week and another clip post, next week.

The Leie (Lys) Events

School re starts on the first of September in Belgium but on the last weekend of August, every year, Summer has one last blast. The Leie Events is held on the Balokken island in River Leie near Wervik. There is lots to see and do and people seem to enjoy this event very much. Enjoy the clips.

Some of the activities going on at the Leie Events

The raft race


bikerted said...

Raft races are always fun to watch, but why no fancy dress? has health and safety taken its toll across the water BBE?

BBE said...

No Ted, it is not a health and safety issue. It is just that the people taking part are representatives of youth and adult social societies (scouts and groups like that) and they like to wear their group uniforms. It's more a pride in competition thing than health and safety.