Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The river Leie (Lys) near Deinze, July 2009, a photo post

Earlier in the year I caught the train to Deinze and walked another stretch of the river Leie. These pictures show why I like this river so much, it is a river of contrasts. One minute you can be walking through an industrial area, where the large commercial boats load and unload, the next you are in the tree lined beauty of the Flemish countryside and then you can be diverted of to a recreational or natural area. Enjoy my snaps of the river Leie near Deinze.

An historic river barge

The view from one side of a bridge

The view from the other side of the same bridge

A commercial boat loading up

A cafe by a lift bridge, where I stopped for beer refreshments

The crest of Deinze



Gattina said...

I think I have been there, but a long time ago ! very beautiful landscape and pictures.

BTW thanks for your comment on my "mouse" post. We don't have any fields here around only gardens and a little wood. When a mouse is in the house, it was one of our cats who brought it in to play. It must be gone by now, because we haven't seen it anymore, it probably went out of the window door.

BBE said...

Thanks Gattina, the river goes into a wildlife area around this point and is very pleasant.

Field mice live in gardens and parks as well but there are plenty of water sources (usually) in those, so you are probably right about the cats. I'm starting to feel sorry for the mouse, it looks like the innocent victim of circumstances.


Emm said...

Oh, that is very pretty! I love boat rides and relaxing on rivers. I may have stopped for a beer too!

BBE said...

I will have to do a boat ride on the Leie one day Emm. It is such a varied river, no two stretches are ever the same.