Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Talbot House, All Rank Abandon Ye Who Enter Here, The Garden, Poeringe August 2009, a photo and video post

As Horticulture is my chosen vocation, I can say of Talbot House garden that it is of no particular horticultural significance, although it is a nice garden it is not of any great design or anything like that but it has been kept in a very similar style as it would have been during The Great War. So why am I posting about it? Well if you had just spent two weeks or more living in conditions like you see in this photo.......

Surrounded by mud blood and death, you would appreciate the serenity that can be found in the walled garden at the rear of Talbot House. To see what I mean just watch the short clip.

Talbot House Garden

And a couple of photos of the garden


Emm said...

I never knew you were a horticulturalist. The gardens are pretty and I imagine they would have been soothing. Lovely video!

A Lady's Life said...

Very nice garden and interesting info on Talbot House.

The soldiers sitting in the mud remind us of how difficult it is to keep our freedoms.

So many die for it and so many abuse their privileges, seeing them as rights.....rights they did nothing to earn.Rights we can all lose tomorrow.

BBE said...

Emm - Yes I am a hortic, there are a few of us Brit gardeners around Belgium. glad you liked the video.

Lady - Very true, there are a lot of Lads and Lasses going out to the bad places world so that we can be comfortable and safe at home.


bikerted said...

Sometimes there can be nothing louder than peace in a garden. We must get to Talbot House in the future.

Great posts on this important building BBE

BBE said...

Talbot house is well worth visiting, if your in or around the Ieper (Ypre) Salient. It's not that big but it has such an atmosphere about it.