Monday, 31 August 2009

Talbot House, All Rank Abandon Ye Who Enter Here, Poeringe August 2009, a photo post

A photo post of Talbot House

In December of 1915 two British Army chaplains, Neville S. Talbot and Philip Byard (Tubby) Clayton rented a gentlemans guest house in Poperinge, to be used as a rest center, for troops who where out of the line of Ieper (Ypres) Salient, during The Great War (First World War, WW1). It was named after Neville's brother, Gilbert Talbot, who was killed in action but was mostly to be run by the man who became a bit of a legend, Tubby Clayton. Also known as Toc H it is hard to find a book written by some one who was in the Ieper Salient during The Great War, that does not mention Talbot House and extol it's value of a haven of peace and serenity, away from the horrors of war. Talbot house is still open, not only as a living Museum but for people to stay at. If you want to find out more about Talbot house, please visit this website Talbot House.

The sign (now preserved in glass) outside Talbot House

The wooden cross that originally marked the grave of Gilbert Talbot

The chapel in the loft of the house

A copy of one of the original information posters

The interior downstairs

A set of gongs made out of shell bases

If they are struck in the right order they have the Big Ben chimes tune

Tubby Clayton's room

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Gattina said...

How interesting ! I have never been there.
I had never been in Blankenberge and found it very nice ! clean beaches, clean toilet, nice people and cheap prices ! I rented a beach chair for 3 € and an ombrella for 4 ! A crèpe with a coffee only 6 and it was a big crèpe !
We used to go to Oostduinkerke or Coxyde on this side, but that was long ago !

BBE said...

Blankenberge is nice but it gets a little too crowded, in the Summer, for my tasts. Oostduinkerke and Coxide are very nice beaches to visit.


Poppy said...
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BBE said...

Thanks Poppy, I have deleted your comment so that no one can see the number.


Emm said...

I love this kind of history and I would love to visit a museum like this. Actually, I think I like all museums and all history, much to my husband's horror.

BBE said...

This is a very good place to feel the history Emm. It is only small but it has such an atmosphere.


Emm said...

I'd love to go to Belgium one day - should hop on the Eurostar.

BBE said...

Or you can get a coach from Victoria coach station to Gent (Ghent) and some other Belgian cities, I think. A company called Eurolines runs them. It is not as quick or as nice a way to travel as Eurostar but it is a hell of a lot cheaper.


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