Monday, 17 August 2009

Oldtimers, Wervik's Classic Car Event, August 2009

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This will be a four post series, the video clip in this post, a photo post, another clip post and finally a second photo post.

Old Timers, Wervik, clip one

I visited the Old Timers car event in Wervik on Sunday the 16th of August. Wervik is a small town located on the river Leie (Lys), on the border between France and Belgium. The event was larger than I thought it would be, with hundreds of cars and other vehicles, that were made any time from the 1920s to the 1980s. The following clip is of some of the vehicles and other things going on at the meeting.

Classic car meetings and other events are popular in Belgium, if you want to find out about upcoming classical auto events please check out the following link Oldtimer evenementen: meetings, rondritten, beurzen.

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Baron's Life said...

I love the black citroen, next to the 2 Chevaux...that citroen is my all time favorite car with the stick shift on the dash board.
Bravo for posting this
C'est Formi Formidable mon cher ami

BBE said...

I think that there where three Citroens like that at the show. I've never looked inside one of those, I didn't know that the gear stick was on the dash board, thanks for the info.