Monday, 24 August 2009

Oldtimers, Wervik's Classic Car Event, August 2009 second photo post

This is the last in this post series about the Oldtimers classic car event in Wervik. I have loads more pictures and video of this event, so I might do another post or two about this event in the winter, when there is not a lot going on. If you want to find out about what classic car events are happening in Belgium this year follow this link Oldtimer evenementen: meetings, rondritten, beurzen. You can see another clip of this event and other classic car events in Belgium on you tube, through this channel YouTube - westcoastbugs's Channel.

A Corvette Stingray

A Model T Ford (I believe the oldest car at the show)

A Triumph Bonneville 750

A Jaguar Mark 2
(I want one)

1950 Chevrolet Apache
This one was for sale for anyone who has €19000 to spare

An old Opel in a bad way
This shows how a lot of these cars start off and how much care and work must go into restoring them. I wonder if this car will be back at the show in a year or two, looking all bright and shiny.

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Dr. Lauren said...

My Mom and step-dad always like to visit these types of car shows.However, I really never started to appreciate them until the show came to a town where I owned my restaurant. I got to sit in some of them and talk to the owners about the history. Really fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

BBE said...

Hi Dr. Lauren, thanks for dropping by. There is nothing like hearing the histories from someone who is really into a thing, sounds great.