Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Talbot House, All Rank Abandon Ye Who Enter Here, Poperinge August 2009

Post schedule

This will be a three post series, this vid clip post, an interruption for another type of post on Saturday (just an idea I want to try) and the two other posts a photo post and a mixed clip photo post next week.

Talbot House

Unfortunately I have not much time to put this post together, Hopefully I will have more time to tell you about this place in the following two posts. Talbot House was a rest center in the town of Poperinge during The Great War (First World War, WW1). It was a place for troops, who had been serving in the trenches, in the Ieper (Ypres) Salient to rest and relax. The following clip is of the chapel, which is in the attic of the house. It is amazing to think that as many as 170 soldiers would cram themselves into this small room to attend a service.


bikerted said...

I first became aware of the Talbot House after it was mentioned in Harry Patch's book. Its good to see what the house looks like.

Thanks BBE

BBE said...

Hi Bikerted, The next post will have some photographs of the house but I don't think that I captured the true feel of the place in pictures, though I hope it will give some idea of what it is like.

Talbot House is small but very special place and it is a privilege to visit there.


Baron's Life said...

So far the clip looks very good. You've captured the essence of the place..the organ, the benches for worshipers, the Altar, the stairs, the walls I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing

BBE said...

Hi Baron, unfortunately the chapel was the only place that I could get video footage of the house on that day but there will be photographs on Monday.