Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A monument to a lullaby (Le P'tit Quinquin) - Lille June 2009, a photo post

Le P'tit Quinquin

This is the monument/statue celebrating the lullaby Le P'tit quinquin, in Lille, France. This is more than a lullaby though. It is the unofficial anthem of both Lille and Picardy, it sparked a revival in the Picardy language of "Long Chiti'mi" And became the marching song of the soldiers from northern France, who took part in the Franco-Prussian war in the 1870s.

If you wish to hear the lullaby please follow this link
Les Huchets - Le P'tit Quinquin

More views of the monument

The information plaque at the monument



Geotacs said...

very nice shots of the monument to a lullaby!

and you have many woinderful and interesting shots places and experiences!

thanks for sharing!


BBE said...

Thanks, glad you enjoyed visiting here :)


Catherine said...

such monuments are so photogenic...this one is also very moving...

BBE said...

Thanks for dropping by Catherine.

This is the first monument to a lullaby that I have ever seen and Art Nouveau statues are very rare in this part of Northern Europe. This is a really nice monument.


Baron's Life said...

Very good shots my friend.
what Camera did you sue?

BBE said...

Thanks Baron but it's such a nice monument it would be hard to take a bad photo of it.

The camera is nothing special Baron, just a 7 mega pixel happy snapper with a 3x zoom, it's starting to be a little dated, I think I will be looking for a new one in a few months.