Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Saturday Curiosity Box

What is the Saturday Curiosity Box?

Well so far on this blog I have only used my own photographs and videos but there is a lot going on around the Internet that I enjoy and would like to share with others. So I thought that I would try a little experiment, over the next few Saturdays and have one post a week where any changes to the blog are announced, any important news from the ex pat world or from any of the blogs on my blog roll is shared and at the end, something from the Internet that has caught my attention or made me laugh that I think others might like. I hope you all enjoy The Saturday Curiosity Box.

Three new blogs for the blog roll

Small Fish in the Big Taco - A blog not only about life in Mexico but about the travels of it's owner, with some excellent photographs.

Ancient Digger - The blog of an archaeologist who points out many things ancient that are new to me and I suspect many others.

Biker Ted Diaries - This is the blog of a stuffed teddy who enjoys the touring motorbike lifestyle and takes photos and videos along the way. It is well worth spending an hour or two digging through the archives on this blog, there is some very interesting material on this blog.

How not to get into a bath

I'm not sure how this woman felt about this but she does not look too impressed.



bikerted said...

Sorry I have not replied earlier BBE, but we have been on our travels again. Thanks for the mention and kind words. Keep up your interesting output as well.



BBE said...

Hope you will be telling us all about the adventures. I'll be looking in, in anticipation :)