Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Art in the Citadel park, Lille June 2009, a photo post

Art in the citadel park Lille, some photographs

Here are some still images, to finish off after the last two video posts. They show some details of the sculpture. Useful links - Office de Tourisme de Lille - Lille, Wikipedia - Citadel of Lille, Wikipedia - Lille Citadel, Google Satellite Maps.



Irish said...


This blog is fantastic! I've been feeling devoid of any artful creativity lately and this is just the thing I've needed to jump-start my creative spark! Thanks for being the fuel to keep my fire burning!

My passion for art never wanes and neither does my love for the furry ones, but the combined combo HAS been suffering of late... time for that to change!

I haven't gone back to look at all the great visuals in your blog yet, but will do so as time allows! It's awesome to take a virtual tour of places I've never been and likely will never go while also feeling a bit closer to someone I like so much!

Biggest hugs!

BBE said...

Hi Irish,

I hope you get time to indulge your passions soon. It's strange but I hardly ever go out looking for art but I have a habit of tripping over it. Art is especially interesting when it is actually being made.