Monday, 29 June 2009

The Gravensteen castle, Gent, June 2009, a photo post - And news about this blogs posting schedule.

Posting schedule

Up until now I have been updating this blog/vlog six days a week, I have been doing this because it is a new blog and it needed a few posts in it's archives. This kind of posting schedule creates too much pressure, to keep up long term. And so from now on I intend to update this blog at least twice a week sometimes there will be a third post in a week. So on to the photo post.

Photos of the Gravensteen castle

As promised here are some photos of the Gravensteen castle in Gent (Ghent).

The front

The back

A couple of details of the walls

The inevitable moody, dark, black and white castle shot



Emm said...

This is a lovely post! That castle is beautiful. I think I need to put my maps back up so I can start pinpointing "places I must see before I die" again.

I also only post about twice a week on my Emm in London blog but I also make short posts on my other two blogs. Posting photos / videos plus stories can be quite labour intensive!

BBE said...

Thanks for dropping by Emm.

The Gravensteen is one of the best preserved small castles, that you can find inside the centers of some old Flemmish towns. I'll have to do some posts on it's interior at some point in the future.

Time pressure is the main reason that this will mostly be a vid clips and photo blog but the fact that many people that I know cannot speak, let alone read, English and I would like them to be able to drop in from time to time without feeling that they are excluded from the content, is also a contributing factor.

Loved your recent New York post and the London posts that I have found in your archives :)


Emm said...

:o) I type so quickly that it is not the type that takes up my time, but the planning and formatting of paragraphs and pictures! Oh, and the occassional writer's block!

Nice to have met you BBE.

BBE said...

Yes it is not the actual writing that takes the time but formulating what you are going to write. Combine that with how to tie the text and the visual images together and it is easy to see how the clock ticks away the hours so fast.