Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The blog list and an aggressive nature clip

Blog Roll

It's time to start a blog roll. You can find it in the side bar, under the followers widget. I do not want to start off with a big list so I thought I would start with just three blogs and then add a couple more, every now and then.

MyKugelhopf - A blog of a travel blogger, foodie and chocoholic.

A Lady's Life... - An eclectic mix of comedy, life and things of interest in gerneral.

Heresy Corner - This is a journalists blog, that I use to keep up with current events, back in the old country (England)

Aggressive Nature

Well I was in the countryside near some water when something hit me in the head and made me turn around, where I saw something falling to the ground. It hit me hard and left a red mark that was still there at bedtime. It looked like it had killed itself, it was lying on the ground upside down, so I flipped it over and booted up the camcorder. In the end it turns out that it was just stunned. This is the insect thug.



A Lady's Life said...

In Ontario around the Whispering Pines resort areas, we stopped for a power nap and they had HUGE dragon flies. There were so many of them and they were aggressive and flying into you to literally head bang. The kids needed to use their tennis rackets to keep them off of us. They were like a flock of birds guarding nests from predators.I will never forget these dragon flies In Quebec they are so nice and not half as big.:)

Irish said...

I LOVE dragonflies, but not when they attack me, lol!

We grow them big in Florida, too!

Hey, can you do me a favor and email me, PLEASE. There's something I want to ask...


BBE said...

Lady - I wonder if they are aggressive or a bit short sighted. Is there a market for Dragon fly glasses? :)

Irish - You grow everything big in Florida. The one time that I visited nothing (especially the alligators) seemed small. I am running short of time tonight, I will email you tomorrow OK.